How cute is this face!!

August 8, 2013 | |

Happy 6 whole months to this little one! Isn't she a DOLL! Picking a few favorites was IMpossible. Thanks Kristin for letting me hang out with you and Kailee...Ella is very mad with her choice to stay with Dad and not come with me ;)  photo 21_zps970cbbdf.jpg  photo 23_zps95e0604b.jpg  photo 24_zpsdfd5a701.jpg  photo 8_zps2da2a388.jpg  photo 14_zps59df62d0.jpg  photo 1_zps16bf7b35.jpg  photo 2_zps8b189dbc.jpg  photo 19_zps54b00693.jpg  photo 10_zps46108136.jpg  photo 9_zpse1d07e7b.jpg  photo 99_zps683ce10f.jpg  photo 12_zpsc8cc81d1.jpg  photo 11_zps5c5205c3.jpg  photo 4_zps7da791d4.jpg  photo 7_zps1509106b.jpg  photo 13_zps16f6fc01.jpg  photo 18_zps86117495.jpg  photo 16_zps4c16f6a4.jpg  photo 15_zps8c0e148e.jpg  photo 22_zpsbaf99c41.jpg  photo 17_zpsa3df291b.jpg  photo 5_zps3c0932ad.jpg


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